Summer Update

Well, I've once again gone an insanely long time between posts, over a month if I'm not mistaken. I guess my plans for posting more during the summer are... oh well. It's been such a good week this week. I've managed to do several things I've been wanting to do for a long time. I have no clue where to begin, I'll just go at it chronologically.

  1. Met some family who lives 3000 kilometers away, who I haven't seen in at least 7 years
  2. Got to be a DJ for a night
  3. Played Cricket
  4. Saw the Simpson's Movie (I recommend it to anyone who likes the Simpsons. It was awesome!)
  5. Got high-speed internet
  6. Used my Wii online
There was the odd thing or two that was less enjoyable, but I don't want to dampen the mood. Points 1, 3, and 5 have to be my favorites, especially since I had doubts of any of them ever actually happening. I don't want to talk to much about my family online... but one of my family members from afar has a deviant art page. If I can get her permission, I'll post a link. Until then, all shall remain anonymous.
I was really surprised at how fun cricket is. I was at an historical reenactment, and one of the reenactment personnel got a pick-up game going. It took him all of five minutes to explain the rules and we started. It's awesome. No fouls, no bases, no tagging. Anytime the person hitting feels safe taking a run, they can. If they hit it and don't feel safe, they don't have to run. The ball can be hit in any direction. And all you have to do to get some on out is catch the ball after they hit it, but before it touches the ground, or just whip the ball at the wicket before they cross the safe line. I did find myself having to struggle to take the game seriously though, having read "Life, The Universe and Everything" (one of the books in the hitchhikers trilogy).

In other news... Can you see that blue robot, the one on the "About me" panel? Well, here's a pic in case I've removed it by the time you're reading this: Well, that pic has been around forever. I think I made it the first time I was on MSN, so it's definitely very old, well for a DP anyway. I made the model for it long before that using my dad's copy of Rhinoceros. It was a grey robot then, and it was doing a handstand. Like this:
I've decided that I'm tired of this old robot, which I made back in 2004. I've decided that I'm going to create a new robot, loosely based on this one, but using Blender instead of Rhino, and adding My 3 more years of 3D experience to make it much better.

I sincerely hope to update this blog allot more often. Now that I have high-speed, that might be a possibility. This whole process has become allot more painless, and once I get the Wii web browser, I could do this from the couch. Until next time, Enjoy what's left of the summer, I know I will.

Edit: added the Title... stupid! stupid! stupid! :P

By the way, the closest thing to a name that robot has is "Robo2" which is its Rhino file's file name.

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