Burnt by the Weather

There was a big storm last night, big enough to make the power flicker a few times, and the TV had tornado warnings going. I don't think any tornadoes ever formed though. The flicker of the power did have some interesting effects... We were at my grandma's at this time, but my dad was home. He said that the power went out for about an hour. When it came back on, here could hear electricity crackling in the laundry room. There was also a smell of burning plastic. It turns out all that noise and smell was the water furnace doing something it definitely shouldn't. So we've been without air conditioning today, and will be tomorrow (Sunday, I notice as I type this it's 2 minutes after midnight...) It's not all too hot, but it's a bit muggy.

I'm still using the LiveCD for all my computing needs. Right now I'm trying to see if I can't find a way to get blender working. In which case I'll work on the robot's head. There's not much else going on, but I did see something very interesting today. I had no idea Windows XP could run on a computer with 64 mb of ram, considering the minimum requirements are... oh wow... I just looked it up as I'm typing this and the minimum is 64... wow... that's a bit embarrassing. I'm just going to shut up now...

the minimum is 64mb? Since when?

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