I'm Getting One!

I've manged to hit my goal, so I ordered it today. That's right, the GP2X is in the mail! (or will be at some point tomorrow) I can't wait for it to show up. I just hope it gets here before school starts. It would be nice to have a few days to figure it out. I wonder if the school would let me classify it as a PDA, or something like that. And if so, I wonder what they're policy on those are...

My attempts at working on the robot last night were foiled. Blender didn't work so well on the live CD, and by the time I decided I wouldn't be able to get it working and moved to Windows, My brother came down and booted me off the Comp. I might work on it a bit tonight, but I don't know.

Other than that there's not too much going on. Just the same-old same-old.

the head... definitely the hardest part of the robot

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