As you may have guessed from my user name, kittycat27, I am a cat lover. I do have a cat, but he is 2 and a half hours away from where I currently live because I am at school.
This fact I think has dramatically increased my desire for a kitten. I mean at any given time I always want a kitten, but lately I've been wanting one way way way more. It may be also because where I currently live (an apartment) actually does allow pets, so I don't have that stopping me either. I do realize that as a student I may not have enough time to spend with the kitten, or it may distract me from my work, also student=lack of money for proper food, litter, shots etc, all these logical statements do not quench my desire. There is a part of me that says all these things, which a good logical reasons not to get a kitten, but the other part of me whines but I *want* a kitten.
I also run into the roommate problem. One of my roommates has been dying for a pet all year (we almost got a dog, luckily I convinced them out of it. They would only get a big dog and our apartment is to small for a big dog) the 2nd one doesn't care and the third one....well lets just say when I told her I was a cat lover and she responded with "why? They're useless." For being a political science major her tact and diplomacy is severely lacking.
Then there is my poor tortured boyfriend (cyborg owner of the blog). Whom I have been pestering for a kitten since almost as long as we have been dating. I know full well that my parents have forbid him from getting me a kitten under pain of death etc. This doesn't stop me! I constantly bug him for one with the hope that his love for me will cause him to defy my parents and get me a kitten! or he'll get me one just to shut me up because he can't stand the pestering any more. So far neither has happened, it's probably because I'm not trying hard enough!
Ah yes, I forgot the major factor in my lack of kitten, my parents. They are pretty much 99% of why I'm no using the blog to describe the kitten I just got. They want no more pets. We have 1 cat, whose gotten sick at least twice, and we're talking near death sick, that we have had the vet fix. Now you have to know my parents they love our pets but they aren't the type to keep a suffering animal alive. Luckily both times no surgery was needed on poor bunny (yes my cat's name is bunny) and he bounced back. Also, we have a (in)purebred cocker spaniel. She hyperactive, cute, horribly annoying, stupid jealous little 15 lbs thing. We do not think she'd take well so something else taking attention away from her. Bunny is older than Katie and can defend himself, a kitten couldn't.
So, alas another Christmas will go by and there will be no kitten for me :(.
Oh well, it's back to studying organic chemistry for me!


"The Jub Hunt", or, "The Wild Goose Chase"

With all my excitement over the comic, and the work on a Layout and Tips and Tricks guide for it, it seems I've neglected my blog. Well, that and I don't have much in the way of news. Amy's back for the summer now, which is nice, and we both have to find jobs, which is less nice. I should have gotten one by now, but there's not many to be had, and after last summer, I'm reluctant to throw resumes blindly at every job. It also doesn't help that I'll be moving to London in September. Nor that I just found out that I had bad contact information for my references on the first couple batches of applications I filled out. I can't really see why no one wants to hire me. I'm hard working, I'm good with people. Then again, so is everyone else who writes a cover letter. But I'm among those who mean it. Not that that means anything. Out of the couple dozen or so resumes I've sent out, only one employer gave any indication of why they wouldn't hire me. It was because I was leaving in September.

I don't know what these employers want. The open ended essay questions are the worst. "What does customer service mean to you?" Making the customer as happy as possible without breaking company policy? "Why are yo interested in a position at [our company]?" You have an open spot in customer service, and I really want to work customer service? "Why are you interested in a career with [our parent company]?" Whoah, what? I just want to apply to this temporary position to get money so I can pay my tuition.

I don't see why someone needs to be eternally dedicated to a company to work for them. Isn't enough to be dedicated to doing your job to the best f your ability, regardless of who you're working for? It's an employers market, so apparently not.

I'm also in a bit of a catch-22 with transportation. No one wants to hire someone from out of town who doesn't have their own car. Unfortunately for me, I live in the middle of nowhere, so all my applications are for out-of-town jobs, and I don't have more than a G1 license. I'd get my G2, but I can't afford the classes or the insurance, which is why I need a job, but no one will hire... etc, etc.

Some might say I shouldn't post this because of employers reading it. I just did a google for my name, and that doesn't seem likely, but I'm fine with it if they do. I have this comic pinned up on the wall by desk, and I agree with it. Although if any prospective employers are reading this, I would like to point out that I don't complain nearly as much in person, which is probably why I complain so much on this blog. I would also suggest they search "cyborg_572" if they really want to find out about me. As there's a lot of people with my name, and I don't use it online all that often. Well, that's it for me. Until next time!

yeah, I'm back to the "Until next time" thing. What can I say? I like it.



Yet again exams are upon me. This time it really counts because they are my finals, and if I want to go into chemistry next year I should probably do really well on my exam, which is tomorrow. I'm very nervous! I know what you're thinking, why am I writing this if I could be studying?" I am merely taking a short break. I never really did figure out the thermodynamics questions, but there are only 3 questions from the stuff we learned before January so I think I'll be O.K. I'm mostly concentrating on kinetics and electrochemistry because they are going to be focused on mainly.
On a happier note, my birthday is coming up soon! I'm very excited! I have been reminding Mike it's coming everyday since mid March. (my birthday is April 27th). I honestly don't know how he puts up with me ;).
Well that's all I have time for, back to studying....yuck I just want this exam to be over!


Two Weeks

First off, let me apologize for not posting a comic last weekend, I was busy with a submission for the Dorito's Guru competition, and also very distracted because I found out about the Pandora and was reading about it. I want one, by the way.

It also seems I will not be uploading any comics any time soon either. Well, maybe if I can hook the scanner up on my dad's desk and install it on this computer. You see, I have been having some trouble with the screen on my laptop. It's been getting progressively more... splotchy? It's hard to describe. So I realized that Monday was probably one of my last chances to bring it in before the warranty expired, and decided to do so. It needs to be shipped off to HP for repairs. The guy at Best Buy said 2 weeks, maybe more. They're going to call when it's back.

That reminds me. Amy tried to call me today, and it seems our phone line is now dead. Hopefully it will me back in the morning.

I'd have to say the worst part about not having my laptop is that I can only use this computer until 11:00pm. With my laptop I usually just get started into things at 11, and I usually talk with Amy until 1:00am. No more doing that though for a couple weeks. I guess I should find me a good book. There's a copy of IT by Steven King on my desk, and I plan to read it this/next week. Although on the weekend Amy will be here and that's always great.

My paragraphs have become a disjointed mess. I should stop writing for tonight.

forgot the little italic text and had to edit it in :P and then fix its spelling


Reading Week

Well my reading week is drawing to a close and now it's back to school for 4 midterms over 2 weeks. Not fun. I should have studied more this week, but honestly I don't regret not studying. Well currently I don't, it may be a different story on friday and saturday. I spent the majority of the week with Mike and a bit with my friends. Unfortunately my friends at home are all still in high school so I couldn't see them as much as I would have liked. Mike and I did go visit our old high school for a day, it was fun! We watched movies, hung out, went out for dinner and played lots of mario kart. I went shopping with my mom several times and even got a few possible dresses to wear to my sisters wedding. I'm the only brides maid/maid of honour, so I get to pick the style, she still picks the colour. All in all it was a great week and was far too short.
It's scary, soon I'll be done my first year of university. I really only have about 6 weeks of classes left. It sounds like both and long and short time. We have to tell the university before the end of march what program we plan to enroll in next year before the end of march. I sat down with my mother today and figured out that I am going to major in chemistry and minor in biology. I was thinking originally minor in gentic be decided just general biology would give me more flexibility.
Well thats everything that's new so far for me. Make sure to check out Mike's new comic!


It Figures

I've been saying for a while that I was going to get some form of content to go with this blog. Since the process of starting this blog was one of jumping on a bandwagon, it figures that the next step would be a webcomic. It would have been up earlier today, but it took a lot longer than I thought to match the style of the blog and the comic hosting site. Oh, by the way, the comic is being hosted on the fairly young comicfury.com. They offer some pretty nice free comic hosting options, and the community there is small, but seems pretty nice.
So I'm not making any promises, but I'm going to try for a weekly release, I'm looking at sunday mornings at 12:00am.

Anyway, the comic is going consist of one-off gags, exploring the question of "what could go wrong?" Hopefully they'll get better from the first one. I'm always open to comments or critcizms, and look forward to trying my best to entertain anyone who bothers to read this. This should be fun.

|----------->>It Figures<<----------|

hey... I didn't end with "untill next time..."! 'tis the dawn of a new era.


New Theme

So I mentioned that a new design for the blog might be on it's way, and after poking around for the last hour and a half or so, here it is. It's not much of a change from the old theme, but it's a bit tighter, if you ask me. I need to come up with a title graphic though, that plain text title looks horrible.
I just have one or two more things I need to work out before unveiling what I've been working on, so just be patient, you'll see soon enough. I want to set Monday as a deadline, but I have my Opa's birthday party to go to and some job hunting to take care of, so we'll see. Speaking of which, I need to get up in about five hours for that job hunting, so I best be going. Until next time.

I have my work cut out for me


I Didn't Touch Anything, I Swear.

So, yesterday my Opa called me over to his house because his computer wasn't working. It was complaining that it couldn't find his hard drive to boot from. My hunch was that it had something to do with the damp CD he had put in immediately before the computer shut itself off. I will say in his defense that he did have an understandable reason to do so. When I got to look at it, the first thing I did was turn it on and see the error for myself. I even poked around in setup, and found it could see the CD drive, but not the hard drive. I thought that was weird, as it was probably the CD drive messing up. Either way I decided to see what would happen if I took the CD drive out. I pulled the computer out from under his desk, put it on the table, opened it up, and moved it to where I could attach a screen. Before going any further, I decided I wanted another look at the error message. Unfortunately, I couldn't, because the system booted perfectly. Nothing wrong at all. I have no idea why. Oh well.

In other news, I decided if I'm going to be home for the next 8 months, I might as well get the Linux installation on the family computer up-to-date and bootable without messing in the BIOS (I put grub on the wrong drive last time). I decided to go with Fedora 10, as I had a really strong urge to see Plymouth in action. I installed it Sunday afternoon, and I didn't get to see Plymouth until earlier today due to slow Internet and a ton of updates. I finally got the Nvidia drivers installed, and now it looks very nice, but keeps freezing and the package manager bothers me. I think tomorrow it will be getting Linux Mint, which is my current favorite distro. I was hoping the impressive look of Fedora10 would get my family interested in using Linux, but Mint is pretty polished itself.

I would also like to point out that as soon as I find a way around some annoying technical difficulties, one of the content ideas I've been thinking about will be unleashed. It may coincide with, be proceeded by or closely followed by an update to the look of the blog. Maybe. We'll see. Until next time.

I got talked into fixing someone else's computer while writing this. I'm on a roll!



Well I'm just as bad as Mike in updating, in my defense it is his blog! Kidding of course. Anyway I'm back at school for a second semester and I did reasonably well in my courses last semester. (I got an 87 in physics, usually my worst subject!! Now biology is which makes me sad.) Tomorrow will be a busy day as I have 8 hours of class, stupid labs, but I'll survive, maybe.
Christmas was really fun and really short, I feel we need longer holidays.
When I returned to my residence after the break it was sweltering in here. They were afraid of the pipes bursting so they kept in tropical in here. I was in shorts and a tank top and barely got any sleep because of the heat, so I had a lovely first day back.
For Christmas my big present was a Tv to put in my room so I can play my wii on it. I must say it is pretty awesome. I am also able to not play video games and do work, I'm such a good girl.
As you know Mike's been wait listed for his program. The wait is absolutely killing me, I miss him and I'm dying for him to be living in the same city as I'm in. They had better accept him soon!
It's just the beginning of week 2 and I'm already behind in calculus, oops. Well the stuff is kinda tricky (Integration by parts) but I think I'm getting it now, I'm just to lazy/not motivated to do question 1-49 even if it is just the odds.
I, like an idiot, forgot my boots back home, well they are actually my moms boots, but don't worry I bought another pair and jumped in puddles just to show up the snow, HA take THAT mother nature.

Well, I'm hungry and it's dinner time so I'm off to the cafeteria!
Hopefully Mike and I will post soon about his acceptance!


Happy New Year, Christmas, etc.

Alright, once again I have fallen behind on the updates to this blog. And really, the Christmas theme should have come down almost a week ago, but there's not much I can do about that now, other than just take it down.
In my last post, if you'll recall, I was talking about an application to college. Other than my high school transcripts spending 3 weeks in the mail, the application process went as well as can be expected from someone as disorganized as myself. I'm currently not at the college however, as I have been wait-listed. The good news though, is that I'm in the top 10 somewhere, and the course doesn't start until Monday. So I still have a chance of being there for day one, and if I'm not, then the people dropping out during the first week will surely get me a spot in the class.
So until the point when I get to go off to college, I'm stuck at home. Alone. My parents work, and my brother has school, and I'm sitting around doing very little. Well, I have done a lot of work on that website linked to from the sidebar, but I haven't actually uploaded it to the server, so nothing has really changed there. I'm still toying around with some ideas for something to put here on a regular basis, that doesn't rely on interesting post-worthy things happening to me on a regular basis. Let's just see where things go. Until next time.

I no longer like the "until next time" ending. again.