Happy Mother's Day

For the next 9 minutes it's still mother's day, so I'm going to type this fast.

I've started neglecting this blog, mostly because I haven't had anything to say I thought was worth posting, but also partially because it's more fun to update my comic, and because I'm planning on launching a portfolio site with a professional blog on it very soon.

But what I've found out recently is that my mom still reads this blog often. I decided that since she's going to be going away soon, and since it's mother's day, I'm going to start updating this blog regularly again. I'm going to try, once a week, to just sit down and type what's happened during the week. Journal style. So that my mom can keep up with what I'm doing.

So happy mother's day, Mom.

if you're reading this, and you're not my mother, you'll probably find everything after now to be rubbish :P



As you may have guessed from my user name, kittycat27, I am a cat lover. I do have a cat, but he is 2 and a half hours away from where I currently live because I am at school.
This fact I think has dramatically increased my desire for a kitten. I mean at any given time I always want a kitten, but lately I've been wanting one way way way more. It may be also because where I currently live (an apartment) actually does allow pets, so I don't have that stopping me either. I do realize that as a student I may not have enough time to spend with the kitten, or it may distract me from my work, also student=lack of money for proper food, litter, shots etc, all these logical statements do not quench my desire. There is a part of me that says all these things, which a good logical reasons not to get a kitten, but the other part of me whines but I *want* a kitten.
I also run into the roommate problem. One of my roommates has been dying for a pet all year (we almost got a dog, luckily I convinced them out of it. They would only get a big dog and our apartment is to small for a big dog) the 2nd one doesn't care and the third one....well lets just say when I told her I was a cat lover and she responded with "why? They're useless." For being a political science major her tact and diplomacy is severely lacking.
Then there is my poor tortured boyfriend (cyborg owner of the blog). Whom I have been pestering for a kitten since almost as long as we have been dating. I know full well that my parents have forbid him from getting me a kitten under pain of death etc. This doesn't stop me! I constantly bug him for one with the hope that his love for me will cause him to defy my parents and get me a kitten! or he'll get me one just to shut me up because he can't stand the pestering any more. So far neither has happened, it's probably because I'm not trying hard enough!
Ah yes, I forgot the major factor in my lack of kitten, my parents. They are pretty much 99% of why I'm no using the blog to describe the kitten I just got. They want no more pets. We have 1 cat, whose gotten sick at least twice, and we're talking near death sick, that we have had the vet fix. Now you have to know my parents they love our pets but they aren't the type to keep a suffering animal alive. Luckily both times no surgery was needed on poor bunny (yes my cat's name is bunny) and he bounced back. Also, we have a (in)purebred cocker spaniel. She hyperactive, cute, horribly annoying, stupid jealous little 15 lbs thing. We do not think she'd take well so something else taking attention away from her. Bunny is older than Katie and can defend himself, a kitten couldn't.
So, alas another Christmas will go by and there will be no kitten for me :(.
Oh well, it's back to studying organic chemistry for me!


"The Jub Hunt", or, "The Wild Goose Chase"

With all my excitement over the comic, and the work on a Layout and Tips and Tricks guide for it, it seems I've neglected my blog. Well, that and I don't have much in the way of news. Amy's back for the summer now, which is nice, and we both have to find jobs, which is less nice. I should have gotten one by now, but there's not many to be had, and after last summer, I'm reluctant to throw resumes blindly at every job. It also doesn't help that I'll be moving to London in September. Nor that I just found out that I had bad contact information for my references on the first couple batches of applications I filled out. I can't really see why no one wants to hire me. I'm hard working, I'm good with people. Then again, so is everyone else who writes a cover letter. But I'm among those who mean it. Not that that means anything. Out of the couple dozen or so resumes I've sent out, only one employer gave any indication of why they wouldn't hire me. It was because I was leaving in September.

I don't know what these employers want. The open ended essay questions are the worst. "What does customer service mean to you?" Making the customer as happy as possible without breaking company policy? "Why are yo interested in a position at [our company]?" You have an open spot in customer service, and I really want to work customer service? "Why are you interested in a career with [our parent company]?" Whoah, what? I just want to apply to this temporary position to get money so I can pay my tuition.

I don't see why someone needs to be eternally dedicated to a company to work for them. Isn't enough to be dedicated to doing your job to the best f your ability, regardless of who you're working for? It's an employers market, so apparently not.

I'm also in a bit of a catch-22 with transportation. No one wants to hire someone from out of town who doesn't have their own car. Unfortunately for me, I live in the middle of nowhere, so all my applications are for out-of-town jobs, and I don't have more than a G1 license. I'd get my G2, but I can't afford the classes or the insurance, which is why I need a job, but no one will hire... etc, etc.

Some might say I shouldn't post this because of employers reading it. I just did a google for my name, and that doesn't seem likely, but I'm fine with it if they do. I have this comic pinned up on the wall by desk, and I agree with it. Although if any prospective employers are reading this, I would like to point out that I don't complain nearly as much in person, which is probably why I complain so much on this blog. I would also suggest they search "cyborg_572" if they really want to find out about me. As there's a lot of people with my name, and I don't use it online all that often. Well, that's it for me. Until next time!

yeah, I'm back to the "Until next time" thing. What can I say? I like it.