Well I'm just as bad as Mike in updating, in my defense it is his blog! Kidding of course. Anyway I'm back at school for a second semester and I did reasonably well in my courses last semester. (I got an 87 in physics, usually my worst subject!! Now biology is which makes me sad.) Tomorrow will be a busy day as I have 8 hours of class, stupid labs, but I'll survive, maybe.
Christmas was really fun and really short, I feel we need longer holidays.
When I returned to my residence after the break it was sweltering in here. They were afraid of the pipes bursting so they kept in tropical in here. I was in shorts and a tank top and barely got any sleep because of the heat, so I had a lovely first day back.
For Christmas my big present was a Tv to put in my room so I can play my wii on it. I must say it is pretty awesome. I am also able to not play video games and do work, I'm such a good girl.
As you know Mike's been wait listed for his program. The wait is absolutely killing me, I miss him and I'm dying for him to be living in the same city as I'm in. They had better accept him soon!
It's just the beginning of week 2 and I'm already behind in calculus, oops. Well the stuff is kinda tricky (Integration by parts) but I think I'm getting it now, I'm just to lazy/not motivated to do question 1-49 even if it is just the odds.
I, like an idiot, forgot my boots back home, well they are actually my moms boots, but don't worry I bought another pair and jumped in puddles just to show up the snow, HA take THAT mother nature.

Well, I'm hungry and it's dinner time so I'm off to the cafeteria!
Hopefully Mike and I will post soon about his acceptance!

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