Two Weeks

First off, let me apologize for not posting a comic last weekend, I was busy with a submission for the Dorito's Guru competition, and also very distracted because I found out about the Pandora and was reading about it. I want one, by the way.

It also seems I will not be uploading any comics any time soon either. Well, maybe if I can hook the scanner up on my dad's desk and install it on this computer. You see, I have been having some trouble with the screen on my laptop. It's been getting progressively more... splotchy? It's hard to describe. So I realized that Monday was probably one of my last chances to bring it in before the warranty expired, and decided to do so. It needs to be shipped off to HP for repairs. The guy at Best Buy said 2 weeks, maybe more. They're going to call when it's back.

That reminds me. Amy tried to call me today, and it seems our phone line is now dead. Hopefully it will me back in the morning.

I'd have to say the worst part about not having my laptop is that I can only use this computer until 11:00pm. With my laptop I usually just get started into things at 11, and I usually talk with Amy until 1:00am. No more doing that though for a couple weeks. I guess I should find me a good book. There's a copy of IT by Steven King on my desk, and I plan to read it this/next week. Although on the weekend Amy will be here and that's always great.

My paragraphs have become a disjointed mess. I should stop writing for tonight.

forgot the little italic text and had to edit it in :P and then fix its spelling