It's Been a While...

It's been almost a week since my last post. Partly due to lack of things to blog about, partly due to lack of time to blog in. Not much has changed since my last post, I'm still looking for a Halloween costume, and I better hurry, I have a Halloween party to go to tomorrow. I'm thinking of going as a hacker(cracker), the kind you see on TV, the guys who use the computer to spy on corporations and enemies, and despite the fact of being miles away from the place they are spying on, still feel the need to keep in shape and dress all in black, as if that makes their computing stealthier. Either way I think it would make a neat costume. I'm going to dress all in black, and spike my hair, but not so that it sticks up, but so that it hangs down in groups/cones. I have a small hand-held computer (a Cybiko for anyone who's ever heard of one). I intend to carry around with me. I also have a pair of yellow motorcycle glasses for night that look geeky yet cool at the same time. Until next time. See Ya.

I'll hack you... watch - 10010010000011111010010100101010101010100120101010101010... yeah... have a good Halloween


Halloween is Fast Approaching

It's already the 18th of October, Halloween is only 13 days away. Normally by now I'd have my costume all figured out, or at least have an idea of what I intend to go as. This year, Zilch. The fact that my costume budget this year is all but non-existent doesn't help much. I have a pretty freaky mask I could use, but I've used it two years ago, and didn't see anyone in the Halloween in between, so I would more or less be using the same costume twice in a row, and aside from the mask the costume wasn't that great. I've considered the possibility of going as Sam Fisher, but I don't have even part of the costume, so I hit the budget problem. I guess I need to stop thinking "What do I want to dress up as" and then putting together a costume. I really need to look at what I have lying around and put something together from that. Maybe I could just go as some generic spy and put together an easier costume that way, maybe even turn some of the random electronic parts I have lying around into a fancy prop? I guess the possibilities are endless, so at least one possibility has to be good, right? I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

BOO!!!!! hah haha ha haa... yeah...


Let's Talk TV... Or something.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but there are some days when you just can't get to the computer. Anyways, I'm thinking about not posting every day any way (see last post). Not much going on right now. Well I shouldn't say that, there is a lot going in the world, but that stuff is all over the news, so there's no point putting it here. There's nothing on TV tonight, unless house is on. You ever notice how some nights there are so many good shows on that you have to pick a few and completely miss out on the rest? Today all anyone was talking about was "hero's." of course, I chose to watch Dr. Who instead. Of course tonight there is almost nothing on. House used to be on on Tuesdays, but it hasn't been lately, although I have seen it on on Mondays (Like I'll ever get to see any more of it now!). Wednesday isn't bad, there's one show on for every hour of TV my family watches. That's the way it should be. Thursday's are Tuesday all over again. Never watch anything on Friday, usually rent a movie on Saturday, and catch Monty Python's Flying circus at 11:00. There's a few good shows on Sunday too.
I have no idea why I just listed the weeks TV schedule, maybe it's just that whenever I run out of things I turn to TV, but usually quoting episodes, not listing schedules. Oh well... Until next Time.

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something." - Plato


To post daily or not to post daily? That's my question. For now anyway.

Today, again, was fairly uneventful. We're trying to sell our house, and people keep wanting to see it on short notice. Like just this morning my dad was talking on the phone. When he got off the phone, there was a message from our real estate agent saying to call him. By the time we got a hold of him, the people who wanted the house had called him back saying that it was too late, and they couldn't come see the house. So these people wanted too, at 10:00 in the morning, on a Sunday, call the real estate agent and get a viewing of the house within the hour. There was still the chance they might call back so we had to clean the house, then at around 2:00 I got to go hang with my cousins. I also got some great news, it turns out high speed internet is finally available in my area, actually it has been for about a year and a half now. The guy at the service desk was just telling us we were a bit out of range and needed to wait a few months for another tower to be built. ahhh c'est la vie , I guess. (did I spell that right?). So as soon as one of my dad's clients decides they feel like paying him, we're getting it. My dad has a small business that does work for other businesses. Lately he's been working 80 hour weeks, and no-one feels like paying him. Sorry, I guess I haven't really done anything but complain have I? Probably not the best way to attract readers. It's a habit I need to get rid of. Sorry for the lousy post, I'll try to make them more positive in the future. Maybe I shouldn't post every day, but only when something interesting happens. Or maybe I can fill my posts with pointless chatter like "I saw a funny movie last night" what do you think?

I really did see a funny movie last night.


All alone, me my thoughts, and a set of controllers

Well, it's been an uneventful Saturday. My brother's away in Indiana for the weekend, which is more of a relief than a problem. Personaly, I feel like I'm wasting the day. I got up around noon, which i hate doing because that's half a day gone, of course on saturdays it's worse as you miss all the cartoons. I woke up in a mood to play video games, but do you think I could find anyone to play with? Even if my brother were here, he hates multiplayer games. he especialy hates playing against me because 90% of the time, no matter what game, I kick his but. So I decided to ask my parents if one of them wanted to play one of the easy cooperative games (4 swords) with me. Of course, my parents feel that playing games are a waste of their time. My dad would rather do something more constructive and my mom would rather read a book. Personally I feel a good game is like a good book. Most of the same elements are there, but you usually have to think more and can actually explore the setting a bit. Which makes me think, a good game, like a good novel, needs a deep story line, what bugs me is people who decide how good a game is based on graphics and would rather buy a realistic looking game with a cheap storyline then a cartoony game with a deep story line. The realistic game is like a picture book and the cartoony game is like a novel, but people playing the realistic game (picture book) look at the cartoony game (novel) and call it childish. Now don't get me wrong, their are alot of games that have a great balance between looks and story, and of course some great books have illustrations (Sherlock Holmes) and there are alot of cartoony games that have horrible story lines, and some pretty bad novels. And none of this takes into account game play; ever tried to read a novel when the pages are glued together? But that's just what i think. Anyway, I never did find anyone to play games with, it's just not that kind of day. My n64 crashed twice on me so I gave up trying to play games and went on the computer which is probaly why I did a blog entry today. I'm gonna stop now as it seems I'm starting to ramble. Enjoy your weekend.

Monty Python's Flying Circus is on Tonight! HOORAY!


My First Post - Ever

It seems like nowadays everyone has a blog, or myspace acount. An online identity. I finaly decided that it's time i jump on the bandwagon. I find i constantly have ideas i want to write down. most of them in no way usefull to me. Some of them i feel are pretty good, but i don't have the follow through to make anything of them. I finally decided that i was getting tired of putting them in a notebook, where only I, the person who has no use for them, would ever read them. It seemed kind of pointless to me. I've started this blog as a way to share my ideas, get feed back, and still remain anonymous. Well, mostly. Anyone who knows me knows that i use Cyborg_572 everywhere online. It's even my username on my DS. (That's right Nintendo all the way!). I hope you'll read this and comment back. I'll try my best not to annoy anyone. Of course, sometimes i might just write something for the heck of it, and some of it probably won't be worth reading, but hey, If you don't like it, then there's a little arrow at the top of your screen you should try clicking.

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I'm so nervous about pressing that "Publish" button.