My First Post - Ever

It seems like nowadays everyone has a blog, or myspace acount. An online identity. I finaly decided that it's time i jump on the bandwagon. I find i constantly have ideas i want to write down. most of them in no way usefull to me. Some of them i feel are pretty good, but i don't have the follow through to make anything of them. I finally decided that i was getting tired of putting them in a notebook, where only I, the person who has no use for them, would ever read them. It seemed kind of pointless to me. I've started this blog as a way to share my ideas, get feed back, and still remain anonymous. Well, mostly. Anyone who knows me knows that i use Cyborg_572 everywhere online. It's even my username on my DS. (That's right Nintendo all the way!). I hope you'll read this and comment back. I'll try my best not to annoy anyone. Of course, sometimes i might just write something for the heck of it, and some of it probably won't be worth reading, but hey, If you don't like it, then there's a little arrow at the top of your screen you should try clicking.

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I'm so nervous about pressing that "Publish" button.

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