Halloween is Fast Approaching

It's already the 18th of October, Halloween is only 13 days away. Normally by now I'd have my costume all figured out, or at least have an idea of what I intend to go as. This year, Zilch. The fact that my costume budget this year is all but non-existent doesn't help much. I have a pretty freaky mask I could use, but I've used it two years ago, and didn't see anyone in the Halloween in between, so I would more or less be using the same costume twice in a row, and aside from the mask the costume wasn't that great. I've considered the possibility of going as Sam Fisher, but I don't have even part of the costume, so I hit the budget problem. I guess I need to stop thinking "What do I want to dress up as" and then putting together a costume. I really need to look at what I have lying around and put something together from that. Maybe I could just go as some generic spy and put together an easier costume that way, maybe even turn some of the random electronic parts I have lying around into a fancy prop? I guess the possibilities are endless, so at least one possibility has to be good, right? I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

BOO!!!!! hah haha ha haa... yeah...

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