Exams are Nearly Here!


I'm sitting here in my dorm brain dead. I spent way too much time working on calculus homework. I should have spent more time on chemistry, seeing as my exam is in a little over a week. As the title suggests exams are nearly here for me and I'm going crazy studying of course. I hope I don't go as crazy as I did last time where I wanted to eat a bottle of caffine pills. (Don't worry Mike stopped me). I have given up studying tonight as my brain is just done for the day. Today I got up at 7:50 am went to calc, chem bio hour break wrote a physics test then came back here studied bio, then practised for an hour, called my friend worked on calculus and then summarized a little chemistry. I only have a week of classes left so I think I can make it till then. Then it's study study study. I should have been an english major! Some of them have no exams at all! Well no I shouldn't have, I hate writing essays.
Anyway, I ended up going to Mike's last weekend. It was loads of fun and he cooked for me twice! Well the second time he put frozen stuff in the oven but still he didn't burn it! I had a lovely weekend, but I'm paying for it now with my studying. Oh well, totally worth it!
Anyway I'm going to go to bed or study or something.

Will post again after exam and it's christmas time, don't worry Mike'll get his Christmas theme up soon, he's really busy this week.

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Writer's Block

So I once again find myself locked in a battle with my old arch-nemesis, the Essay. I thought I had finally rid myself of him when I finished grade 12 English, but arch-nemesises (... nemesies? ...nemisi?) always seem to have a tendency to pop back up again. Of course, he is once again teamed up with my other arch-nemesis, Writer's Block. The two make a powerful duo, unfortunately.

So I'm taking a psychology class, and for part of the seminar portion of the class, we have to write a single page (maximum) essay about how something we have learned in the class has affected the way we think about ourselves and others. I guess it's not really that hard of an assignment, especially compared to what most essay assignments are like, but I'm having trouble either way. I like to read a lot, and I'm very good at reading Wikipedia instead of doing what I'm supposed to, and I do have a bit of an interest in psychology. As a result, coming into the class I had already heard of most of the things we talked about in the seminars months or more before that. There was even one or two cases where I could have sworn I had already read the article, although I may have poked at one or two of them to see what I was getting into, I can't really remember. As far as I'm consciously aware, I haven't changed my way of thinking about people from learning the stuff. I tend not to do that kind of thing unless I try, and it usually doesn't last much longer than my short attention span. I don't know, maybe I just enjoy being difficult on these kinds of assignments. I'll have to come up with something to fill that paper. I've got until 8:30 Thursday morning to get it done and locate a printer I can borrow, which means I should get it done by the latest on Wednesday before my suite mates go to bed. Speaking of which, I should go to bed too, I've got a busy-but-not-really day ahead of me tomorrow. Until next time...

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Record High

I was shocked a couple weeks ago to check my e-mail and see that week's stats for the blog. I've never seen the viewer numbers that high before, I'm sure Amy has something to do with that. I might have another project in the works, but I'm not making promises this time, what with my track record and everything. I would also really like to get some Christmas themed stuff up in the store before long. If there's anything you want to see, drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do.

I wrote most of what you just read about a week or two ago, although I edited the time-sensitive bits of grammar so they make sense reading it now. I realize it may be a bit late for Christmas stuff in the store, but I'll still try to cater to any requests as fast as possible. Cafepress just launched their Canadian store, which means Canadian prices and shipping. I'm trying to figure out how to adjust my prices to match, but the control panel seems to still be in USD$. As far as the project I am working on, is concerned, it's still in the fairly early stages of planning, and I'm not even sure what format I'm doing it in, but we'll see how it goes.

As Amy said in her last post, I've been kinda sick the last week. Those following Twitter or Facebook will know it was a sinus infection. I'm mostly better now, so nobody should worry about me at all. I've just got to get caught up on everything now.

In less exciting news, the light bulb in the fixture in my room has burnt out. At some point this week someone from housekeeping should come and fix it. I'd gladly do it myself, but the bulbs they give out at the front desk are for the desk lamps, and probably won't work in the fixture. I also can't figure out how to get into the fixture, I can get it to spin a bit each way, but it kind of bounces back, and I don't want to force anything. So I'm waiting, and trying to keep my room clean. I just hope I don't have to be here, I've got a busy schedule tomorrow. This desk lamp is taking up a bit of space on my desk, and an outlet that could be put to better use. Oh well. Until next time...

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Keeping Up to Date

Hello readers,

Well Mike still hasn't posted but he has a very good excuse, hes been sick the last week or so, but I'll let him tell you about that.
Last weekend I had my chemistry midterm. It didn't go as well as I hoped, it's unfair though because there was only 25 questions, so every question I get wrong is 4% off my final mark. Fear not for me though, I now know what to expect on the 6th of Dec (my exam for chemistry) so I'm sure I'll do loads better :) (hopefully).
Something else super exciting happened last weekend! Mike showed up outside my room. Normally you would think "So?" but I wasn't expecting him. I had been pesting him all week to come (:D) but I didn't think he actually would. So after writing a chem exam I got to spend the rest of the weekend with Mike :).
We went to see Hamlet, just at my school though I really wanted to see it in Stratford. It lacked a little luster and a few of my favourite lines (mainly the pirates), some of the acting was a little shaky (namely Horatio) but Hamlet and Ophelia were good.
We went to the mall and he helped me grocery shop (I know I'm the epitome of excitment) and he got sick :(.
I'm very excited about this weekend :D! I have 2 of my friends from home coming to visit (and bringing a care package from my mom :)) It's gunna be sweet :).
I'm in a dilemma though! Next weekend (the 22nd) I'm debating what I should do! I have three options and please leave comments on what I should do! I could go to visit Mike (last time I could visit it him at his current school), I could go home (I haven't been home in over a month and if i don't go this weekend I can't go until I'm done exams Dec 16th, so it'll be 2 months by then plus I want to Xmas decorate my home) or stay here and study for my exams in 2 weeks (the more responsible but boring option). I suffer from indecision so I need some help!
Anyway I got to head to physics really soon and I'm hungry.
Hope to get lots of replies!


Amy's 2nd post :)

mike always forgets to update his blog so i will:P:). I went to see him this past weekend and we had loads of fun together, we went for walk, out to dinner (east side marios Mmmm) for our 10 month anniversary, played some smash bros and pool, it was a wonderful weekend:). now we will prolly have to wait 3 weeks or so to see each other again, then after that we wont see each other again till the 16th of decemeber a whole 3.5 weeks, our longest time without seeing each other. It sounds maybe a bit pathetic i know, but i love to get together with him and 3.5 weeks sounds so bloody long!
I am currently waiting for my online tutorial for physics to start. I hate physics i really do. but it was supposed to start at 1030 and its now 11 and the virtual room isnt open im starting to doubt it ever will open. i got my bio mid term results back 61 :(:(. but it was a hard test and i had no idea what to expect in terms of questions. i got an 89 on my lab tho (yay) so in december im gunna study for that exam like theres no 2morrow. (that doesnt make sense if there was no 2morrow then there'd be no test:P) well i do have a chem midterm this friday i get to study my brains out for. Some the unit im really good at, others need a little work. i think ill be OK tho i really like chem (yup im a nerd) and im pretty good at it.
This weekend I'm going to see Hamlet with a friend. Im very excited. Normally i dont really like shakespear, but i really did like hamlet and have been dying to see it performed. Shakespear is meant to be seen not read in a classroom.
It's very scary to think that school will be done for Xmas in 4.5 weeks(for me) 3.5 for mike (stupid universities not being consistant) I only get a 3 week break between the last of my midterms and the beginning of my exams :S
Well its now 11:15 and the tutorial is supposed to be over at 11:20. Ill try again at a different tutorial. One is schedueled for this week, they musta had technical difficulties. I did get to sleep in today which makes me happy, because for some reason i thought it was a good idea to put calc 4 times a week at 830 am! no idea what i was thinking.
well im hungry time to get some food:)

Look i don't whine as much as mike :P jk, mike:)