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Hello readers,

Well Mike still hasn't posted but he has a very good excuse, hes been sick the last week or so, but I'll let him tell you about that.
Last weekend I had my chemistry midterm. It didn't go as well as I hoped, it's unfair though because there was only 25 questions, so every question I get wrong is 4% off my final mark. Fear not for me though, I now know what to expect on the 6th of Dec (my exam for chemistry) so I'm sure I'll do loads better :) (hopefully).
Something else super exciting happened last weekend! Mike showed up outside my room. Normally you would think "So?" but I wasn't expecting him. I had been pesting him all week to come (:D) but I didn't think he actually would. So after writing a chem exam I got to spend the rest of the weekend with Mike :).
We went to see Hamlet, just at my school though I really wanted to see it in Stratford. It lacked a little luster and a few of my favourite lines (mainly the pirates), some of the acting was a little shaky (namely Horatio) but Hamlet and Ophelia were good.
We went to the mall and he helped me grocery shop (I know I'm the epitome of excitment) and he got sick :(.
I'm very excited about this weekend :D! I have 2 of my friends from home coming to visit (and bringing a care package from my mom :)) It's gunna be sweet :).
I'm in a dilemma though! Next weekend (the 22nd) I'm debating what I should do! I have three options and please leave comments on what I should do! I could go to visit Mike (last time I could visit it him at his current school), I could go home (I haven't been home in over a month and if i don't go this weekend I can't go until I'm done exams Dec 16th, so it'll be 2 months by then plus I want to Xmas decorate my home) or stay here and study for my exams in 2 weeks (the more responsible but boring option). I suffer from indecision so I need some help!
Anyway I got to head to physics really soon and I'm hungry.
Hope to get lots of replies!

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