I'm at school right now. On my spare. I probably should be doing something other than blogging. I'm suprised this site isn't blocked, actually. I have some history work I could probably be doing right now. Actually, not could, should. I just have a total lack of motivation for all things school-related at the moment.

Today's a Friday that was almost a snow day. There are really three things that have to happen for the busses to be cancelled:

  1. It has to start snowing late the night before, or at least be snowing hard.
  2. There has to be a lot of snowfall over the course of the night
  3. It has to still be snowing in the morning

The weather reports were calling for all of these. Snow starting and midnight, continuing into the morning, about 15cm (6 inches). They were wrong. It started snowing around 6pm, stopped, started again around 10, was still going when I went to bed. When I got up there was maybe 5cm of snow on the ground, and all precipitation had ceased.

So there was school today after all. It's a shame because my girlfriend and I were planning on getting together, as her house is on route to my mom's work, whilst the school is 10 minutes out of her way. Either way, I'm at the school today. I don't really want to do any work. In calculus, we're working on these questions that aren't particularly difficult, but take 20 minutes to solve, and have a ton of places where you can mess up. History is being as boring as ever. I never wanted the class in the first place, but I needed one more to fill the schedule, and it was the best of the availiable choices. It's also my least favourite course this semester, holds no interest for me, and is not relevant to the feild I'm getting into. Computer Sciences, which should be a fun and interesting class, has also been rather dull. We haven't done any programing since February. Two days ago, we actually opened the java editor, because we needed the help files to do the API scavenger hunt; basicaly looking up what commands do and filling in the chart. Today we have another career study due. Almost the same assignment we do in every computer class. So basicaly, nothing interesting going on, but still lots of work to do. As I've said, I'm having trouble getting motivated enough to do any of it. What't the motivation? If I work really hard on all this stuff I really don't want to do, then in a couple months, I will have a somewhat higher number on a piece of paper. I have trouble finding any motivation in that, I just can't make the whole "your future depends on that number being higher" connection on a daily basis.

I have other stuff I'm working on, that has much more of my attention, and provides more motivation. My school's putting on a little film festival, for the fun of it, and I'm trying to put together an animation. The communications teacher is being nice enough to let me use one of the school computers for rendering. I need the clip done for wednesday, and was planning on doing a test render, but it seems my thumbdrive wants to keep losing the file. I double checked that it was on there when I saved last night, and it's gone today. I also have that webpage I could be working on, as that needs to get done soon. I need to get up to speed on php first though.

To top it all off, I had a run in with a zip-tie on a stair case yesterday . I'll have to post a picture of my hand when I get home. A note to anyone using zip-ties to repair railings: The sharp, cut-off end, should not be sticking up in the middle of the top of the railing. My hand felt like it was on fire for most of history class yesterday.

EDIT: Here's the pic:

Well, it seems I have done another somewhat complaint-ridden blog entry, so I need to end it with some good news. On the plus side, today is Friday, and if I can make it through today, I have the weekend to relax. Saturday I get to go hang out with my girlfriend, and that will be a major plus. Well, my first period spare is almost up, time to face the rest of the day. I'll be posting a copy of the film festival clip when/if I get it done. Until next time.

Darn... Internet Exlorer doesn't have spell check... Maybe I should look into getting Fire Fox on my thumb drive...