Christmas' Right Around the Corner

It's the day before Christmas eve. Actually, now that I look at my clock, I realize that technically, it is Christmas eve. As much as I look forward to Christmas, I can't help but feel a little upset. I look out the window, and there is now snow at all. we've had maybe two snowfalls this year, and neither of them stuck around. On Friday it actually rained. My music teacher had "I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas" written on his board. The Forecast actually calls for rain tomorrow(or would that be today? ugh.. I gotta start going to bed before midnight, It's a lot less confusing). Nothing says global warming like rain on Christmas eve. Especially in Canada. Just a couple hours north of where I live, a couple weeks ago, they had a pretty good snowstorm with a couple feet of snow. In Denver the airports are closed for snow. If people won't try to stop global warming for the sake of the environment, then how about for the sake of a traditional white Christmas. I'm sorry, I know, I'm complaining again, aren't I? On the upside, The next few days are supposed to be full of fun, if not snow. And new years is coming up as well. I promise that my next post will have 0% complaining.

You might not hear from me for a while...


Yet Another Post. This Time I Have News!

Something entirely unexpected happened last Monday (Dec 4/06) - I, of all people, now have a girlfriend. I have to tell you, that came out of left field. She can be found online as Erana on deviant art. Not much else besides that, but I think anyone's first girlfriend can be considered worthy of their blog. Especially since I usually write about nothing.

Christmas is right around the corner. I already know what I'm getting. My parents gave me my gift early, as it was half Christmas half birthday, and my birthday was in august. My grandma tried to give me her gift early too. But I guess there are still some surprises. But that's not what Christmas is about is it? I need to figure out what to get everyone else.

Don't things normally fly into left field?