Yet Another Post. This Time I Have News!

Something entirely unexpected happened last Monday (Dec 4/06) - I, of all people, now have a girlfriend. I have to tell you, that came out of left field. She can be found online as Erana on deviant art. Not much else besides that, but I think anyone's first girlfriend can be considered worthy of their blog. Especially since I usually write about nothing.

Christmas is right around the corner. I already know what I'm getting. My parents gave me my gift early, as it was half Christmas half birthday, and my birthday was in august. My grandma tried to give me her gift early too. But I guess there are still some surprises. But that's not what Christmas is about is it? I need to figure out what to get everyone else.

Don't things normally fly into left field?


  1. aww you wrote about me <3 ^^ *huggles*

  2. your such a sweetheart *glomp*

  3. Hi, Im Erana's friend Zero

    So cute ^_^

  4. i miss you *pouts* i hate being sick >.<