I Got One!

As many of you probably know, Sunday was the release day of the Nintendo Wii. On Monday I thought I had no chance of getting one, but on Friday my grandma talked me into waiting in line. I'm glad I did. It is 100% awesome. I did have some trouble with the controller that came with it, whenever I hooked up a nunchuck it would act up and intermittently lose it's connection to the Wii. (I just have to find something to complain about, don't I?) It turned out to just be that particular controller and I have since replaced it and have had no trouble. I just wish I had high speed so I could get the Wii Connect 24 thing going. Oh well... someday I will get it. I also got a copy of Twilight Princess, and haven't been able to put it down since. I haven't been on the computer in almost a week now, which is odd for me. Well, I just had to tell everyone so thanks for reading. Hopefully I can think of something better to write next time.

Maybe I should put down the Wii and get some homework done... hmmmm...

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