Writer's Block

So I once again find myself locked in a battle with my old arch-nemesis, the Essay. I thought I had finally rid myself of him when I finished grade 12 English, but arch-nemesises (... nemesies? ...nemisi?) always seem to have a tendency to pop back up again. Of course, he is once again teamed up with my other arch-nemesis, Writer's Block. The two make a powerful duo, unfortunately.

So I'm taking a psychology class, and for part of the seminar portion of the class, we have to write a single page (maximum) essay about how something we have learned in the class has affected the way we think about ourselves and others. I guess it's not really that hard of an assignment, especially compared to what most essay assignments are like, but I'm having trouble either way. I like to read a lot, and I'm very good at reading Wikipedia instead of doing what I'm supposed to, and I do have a bit of an interest in psychology. As a result, coming into the class I had already heard of most of the things we talked about in the seminars months or more before that. There was even one or two cases where I could have sworn I had already read the article, although I may have poked at one or two of them to see what I was getting into, I can't really remember. As far as I'm consciously aware, I haven't changed my way of thinking about people from learning the stuff. I tend not to do that kind of thing unless I try, and it usually doesn't last much longer than my short attention span. I don't know, maybe I just enjoy being difficult on these kinds of assignments. I'll have to come up with something to fill that paper. I've got until 8:30 Thursday morning to get it done and locate a printer I can borrow, which means I should get it done by the latest on Wednesday before my suite mates go to bed. Speaking of which, I should go to bed too, I've got a busy-but-not-really day ahead of me tomorrow. Until next time...

someday, I want to be able to afford to be recklessly spontaneous on a regular basis

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