Amy's 2nd post :)

mike always forgets to update his blog so i will:P:). I went to see him this past weekend and we had loads of fun together, we went for walk, out to dinner (east side marios Mmmm) for our 10 month anniversary, played some smash bros and pool, it was a wonderful weekend:). now we will prolly have to wait 3 weeks or so to see each other again, then after that we wont see each other again till the 16th of decemeber a whole 3.5 weeks, our longest time without seeing each other. It sounds maybe a bit pathetic i know, but i love to get together with him and 3.5 weeks sounds so bloody long!
I am currently waiting for my online tutorial for physics to start. I hate physics i really do. but it was supposed to start at 1030 and its now 11 and the virtual room isnt open im starting to doubt it ever will open. i got my bio mid term results back 61 :(:(. but it was a hard test and i had no idea what to expect in terms of questions. i got an 89 on my lab tho (yay) so in december im gunna study for that exam like theres no 2morrow. (that doesnt make sense if there was no 2morrow then there'd be no test:P) well i do have a chem midterm this friday i get to study my brains out for. Some the unit im really good at, others need a little work. i think ill be OK tho i really like chem (yup im a nerd) and im pretty good at it.
This weekend I'm going to see Hamlet with a friend. Im very excited. Normally i dont really like shakespear, but i really did like hamlet and have been dying to see it performed. Shakespear is meant to be seen not read in a classroom.
It's very scary to think that school will be done for Xmas in 4.5 weeks(for me) 3.5 for mike (stupid universities not being consistant) I only get a 3 week break between the last of my midterms and the beginning of my exams :S
Well its now 11:15 and the tutorial is supposed to be over at 11:20. Ill try again at a different tutorial. One is schedueled for this week, they musta had technical difficulties. I did get to sleep in today which makes me happy, because for some reason i thought it was a good idea to put calc 4 times a week at 830 am! no idea what i was thinking.
well im hungry time to get some food:)

Look i don't whine as much as mike :P jk, mike:)

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