Amy and Mike

Regular readers may start to notice a couple of changes around here. The first and more obvious one is that the "What am I doing" section is now the "What are we doing" section. The change of name is because it's been updated to show tweets from my girlfriend, Amy. I've mentioned her before. Other changes, are less obvious. I've made minor updates to some bits of my profile. Which upon looking, has apparently been removed by another big change; Amy has been given posting privileges. Expect stuff from her now. On a less big news note, blogger added an embedded comment box on single post pages, so I turned it on.
This is Mike, saying I hope you enjoy what Amy adds to this blog. Until next time.

EDIT: seems Amy beat me to the punch. Her first post is below this one.
@Amy - sorry if I stole your thunder

wait... does this mean things from Amy show up in my facebook notes? confusing :D

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