The girlfriend

Hello all!
My name is Amy, and I'm the girl in mike's life :) he's even given me access to his blog! (if u know him u know that
s a big deal!!:P) anyway here's a bit about me. I'm a bio-med major at university and a musician (i play french horn yayayayay), i'm blonde, brown eyed and 5' 2"ish. Um, what else? unlike mike my knowledge of computers is extremely limited, but on the other hand i can separate DNA like no ones business (i know i've done it...twice, yay repeat labs). hmm no idea what to write about. Well currently im avoiding a chemistry pre-lab :).
Mike has gotten me addicted to Doctor Who! i just keep downloading them, and ignoring hmwk. like right now! Oh well so worth it. We're going as doctor who and rose for halloween. yes we are that awesome that we are doing a couple costume:).
we're currently very far apart which makes me sad but i am going to visit him this weekend for halloween yay :).
Ohh today i had a master class (buncha horns getting together playing and telling each other what was done well what could be improved) and i got so many compliments i loved it:) apparently im good :D.
well i should prolly go watch the loaded doctor who....i mean do my pre lab!!
p.s. my grammar sucks as does my spelling, my argument is that i'm a science major and don't need proper english:P so im just apologizing now.

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  1. Well at least we can't see your chicken scratch! xD
    And YAY! being addicted to Doctor Who ^_^ (thnx for that Mike :P)
    Ohh, I'm going to my chem midterm on Halloween as Doctor Who ;) I got the idea from playing with my bangs, and realising that I can make them look like his hair. You guys'd better take pics of your costumes!