Exams are Nearly Here!


I'm sitting here in my dorm brain dead. I spent way too much time working on calculus homework. I should have spent more time on chemistry, seeing as my exam is in a little over a week. As the title suggests exams are nearly here for me and I'm going crazy studying of course. I hope I don't go as crazy as I did last time where I wanted to eat a bottle of caffine pills. (Don't worry Mike stopped me). I have given up studying tonight as my brain is just done for the day. Today I got up at 7:50 am went to calc, chem bio hour break wrote a physics test then came back here studied bio, then practised for an hour, called my friend worked on calculus and then summarized a little chemistry. I only have a week of classes left so I think I can make it till then. Then it's study study study. I should have been an english major! Some of them have no exams at all! Well no I shouldn't have, I hate writing essays.
Anyway, I ended up going to Mike's last weekend. It was loads of fun and he cooked for me twice! Well the second time he put frozen stuff in the oven but still he didn't burn it! I had a lovely weekend, but I'm paying for it now with my studying. Oh well, totally worth it!
Anyway I'm going to go to bed or study or something.

Will post again after exam and it's christmas time, don't worry Mike'll get his Christmas theme up soon, he's really busy this week.

Chem Prof's Philosophy on life: All hail silicone

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