All alone, me my thoughts, and a set of controllers

Well, it's been an uneventful Saturday. My brother's away in Indiana for the weekend, which is more of a relief than a problem. Personaly, I feel like I'm wasting the day. I got up around noon, which i hate doing because that's half a day gone, of course on saturdays it's worse as you miss all the cartoons. I woke up in a mood to play video games, but do you think I could find anyone to play with? Even if my brother were here, he hates multiplayer games. he especialy hates playing against me because 90% of the time, no matter what game, I kick his but. So I decided to ask my parents if one of them wanted to play one of the easy cooperative games (4 swords) with me. Of course, my parents feel that playing games are a waste of their time. My dad would rather do something more constructive and my mom would rather read a book. Personally I feel a good game is like a good book. Most of the same elements are there, but you usually have to think more and can actually explore the setting a bit. Which makes me think, a good game, like a good novel, needs a deep story line, what bugs me is people who decide how good a game is based on graphics and would rather buy a realistic looking game with a cheap storyline then a cartoony game with a deep story line. The realistic game is like a picture book and the cartoony game is like a novel, but people playing the realistic game (picture book) look at the cartoony game (novel) and call it childish. Now don't get me wrong, their are alot of games that have a great balance between looks and story, and of course some great books have illustrations (Sherlock Holmes) and there are alot of cartoony games that have horrible story lines, and some pretty bad novels. And none of this takes into account game play; ever tried to read a novel when the pages are glued together? But that's just what i think. Anyway, I never did find anyone to play games with, it's just not that kind of day. My n64 crashed twice on me so I gave up trying to play games and went on the computer which is probaly why I did a blog entry today. I'm gonna stop now as it seems I'm starting to ramble. Enjoy your weekend.

Monty Python's Flying Circus is on Tonight! HOORAY!

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