I Didn't Touch Anything, I Swear.

So, yesterday my Opa called me over to his house because his computer wasn't working. It was complaining that it couldn't find his hard drive to boot from. My hunch was that it had something to do with the damp CD he had put in immediately before the computer shut itself off. I will say in his defense that he did have an understandable reason to do so. When I got to look at it, the first thing I did was turn it on and see the error for myself. I even poked around in setup, and found it could see the CD drive, but not the hard drive. I thought that was weird, as it was probably the CD drive messing up. Either way I decided to see what would happen if I took the CD drive out. I pulled the computer out from under his desk, put it on the table, opened it up, and moved it to where I could attach a screen. Before going any further, I decided I wanted another look at the error message. Unfortunately, I couldn't, because the system booted perfectly. Nothing wrong at all. I have no idea why. Oh well.

In other news, I decided if I'm going to be home for the next 8 months, I might as well get the Linux installation on the family computer up-to-date and bootable without messing in the BIOS (I put grub on the wrong drive last time). I decided to go with Fedora 10, as I had a really strong urge to see Plymouth in action. I installed it Sunday afternoon, and I didn't get to see Plymouth until earlier today due to slow Internet and a ton of updates. I finally got the Nvidia drivers installed, and now it looks very nice, but keeps freezing and the package manager bothers me. I think tomorrow it will be getting Linux Mint, which is my current favorite distro. I was hoping the impressive look of Fedora10 would get my family interested in using Linux, but Mint is pretty polished itself.

I would also like to point out that as soon as I find a way around some annoying technical difficulties, one of the content ideas I've been thinking about will be unleashed. It may coincide with, be proceeded by or closely followed by an update to the look of the blog. Maybe. We'll see. Until next time.

I got talked into fixing someone else's computer while writing this. I'm on a roll!

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