Reading Week

Well my reading week is drawing to a close and now it's back to school for 4 midterms over 2 weeks. Not fun. I should have studied more this week, but honestly I don't regret not studying. Well currently I don't, it may be a different story on friday and saturday. I spent the majority of the week with Mike and a bit with my friends. Unfortunately my friends at home are all still in high school so I couldn't see them as much as I would have liked. Mike and I did go visit our old high school for a day, it was fun! We watched movies, hung out, went out for dinner and played lots of mario kart. I went shopping with my mom several times and even got a few possible dresses to wear to my sisters wedding. I'm the only brides maid/maid of honour, so I get to pick the style, she still picks the colour. All in all it was a great week and was far too short.
It's scary, soon I'll be done my first year of university. I really only have about 6 weeks of classes left. It sounds like both and long and short time. We have to tell the university before the end of march what program we plan to enroll in next year before the end of march. I sat down with my mother today and figured out that I am going to major in chemistry and minor in biology. I was thinking originally minor in gentic be decided just general biology would give me more flexibility.
Well thats everything that's new so far for me. Make sure to check out Mike's new comic!

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