Happy New Year, Christmas, etc.

Alright, once again I have fallen behind on the updates to this blog. And really, the Christmas theme should have come down almost a week ago, but there's not much I can do about that now, other than just take it down.
In my last post, if you'll recall, I was talking about an application to college. Other than my high school transcripts spending 3 weeks in the mail, the application process went as well as can be expected from someone as disorganized as myself. I'm currently not at the college however, as I have been wait-listed. The good news though, is that I'm in the top 10 somewhere, and the course doesn't start until Monday. So I still have a chance of being there for day one, and if I'm not, then the people dropping out during the first week will surely get me a spot in the class.
So until the point when I get to go off to college, I'm stuck at home. Alone. My parents work, and my brother has school, and I'm sitting around doing very little. Well, I have done a lot of work on that website linked to from the sidebar, but I haven't actually uploaded it to the server, so nothing has really changed there. I'm still toying around with some ideas for something to put here on a regular basis, that doesn't rely on interesting post-worthy things happening to me on a regular basis. Let's just see where things go. Until next time.

I no longer like the "until next time" ending. again.

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