Burnt by the Firewall

I'm blogging once again from the Fedora Live CD. My dad installed a new firewall on Windows, and it's driving me up the wall, constantly telling me it denied something, occasionally giving me the option to accept it, but mostly making executive decisions, and just telling me. So I'm having fun messing around with settings in GNOME. I've added a pair of eyes and a fish to the top menu on my screen. I really like how customizable everything is. It's a real shame it will all be lost when I reboot. I think once I'm done saving up for the GP2X (almost there, can probably order it by next week) I'll have to save up for my own external hard drive, unless I can get a job, in which case I'll save up for a laptop. But that's dreaming a little bit.

I can't get to the robot files from here, so no progress on that...

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