Tomorrow we're having a big pig roast at my house. We used to do it annually, but then we stopped. This year was my grandpa's 70th birthday, and he really misses them, so he's funding a great big one this year. We have no clue how many people are coming. I've invited a few people, my brothers invited his friends, all of our family is invited, my parents are inviting friends, my aunts inviting friends, and my grandparents are inviting friends, and none of the invitations say to RSVP. This should be interesting. How do you prepare for X number of guests, when you have no clue to what X would be? We're just assuming 70-100 and hoping for the best. It's going to be allot of fun with all sorts of games like baseball and tennis and volleyball. Some people are planning on spending the night too. According to the invitation, it all starts at 3 and ends at "..." So don't be surprised if I don't update at all tomorrow.

Robot? what do you... Ohhhh THAT robot? Do I have to talk about it every post? It's coming.

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