Web Browsing On My Wii

What? Two posts in two days? I haven't done that in a long time. Tonight I'm trying something new; this post is being wriitten from the comfort of my couch, using the Wii's internet channel. XD Although the internet connection is fast enough to use with the Wii, it's a bit unstable, which offers some interesting challenges. If the connection is lost, theres a chance the page might refresh, which would reset everything. If I'm typing the keyboard, any edits I've made disapear. So I'm only typing a few words at a time and saving often. I also can't use bloggers WYSIWYG editor, so I'm trying to remember as many HTML tags as I can.

The Internet channel does work pretty nice though, I've been playing Flash games and movies full screen on my tv all night. It's a fun way to pass the time.

You may notice some changes in the page layout of this blog, or maybe not, they were small changes. I've decided that along with my display pic, I should update the look of my whole blog. Expect alot of subtle changes in the future, I'm going to be messing with colour and whatnot alot until I find a look I like.

Until next time, Have a good day, or week, or however long it is before I post again.

This small text takes allot more HTML than i thought it would.

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