New Linux Live CD!

I don't think I've ever posted about this before or not, but I'm a big GNU/Linux fan. Back when I had Dial-up I was stuck trying little live CD versions, like Damn Small Linux, or Slax. These were nice cause they fit on my thumb drive, but were laking in a lot of features because they were so small. Last night I downloaded the Fedora 7 Live CD. It's a bit big for my thumb drive (well, I could put it on there if I really wanted, but not much else). I'm finding It really enjoyable, actually I'm using it right now to type this. I really like the look of this Live CD, after I convinced it I had a screen that could do better than 800x600, I started testing everything. Compiz worked just fine, and I Really like it, my windows are all stretchy and wobbly, and I can spin the whole thing on a 3D cube. If something crashes, the window goes all gray-scale so you know that particular window is done for. I'm am having a hard time with getting music going, because of the lack of MP3 support, and My CD drive is full. All in all though, I really, really like this. If it weren't a live CD, I'd always use it. Maybe I can talk my dad into letting me install another hard drive...

I set my resolution without having to use the Shell! Hoora!

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