Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, technically, it's Tuesday. I guess that means I missed a post. Oh well, not much I can do about that now. So tomorrow, or today or whatever (Tues. Aug. 21) Is my birthday, so I can't wait. Not too too much else going on. I made a foot for the robot, so I've just got the hands and head left, if I don't decide to scrap the feet too.

I've decided to start theming this page for special occasions. Today, I'm just going so far as to give my good 'ol robot a party hat.

I look like a monkey, and I smell like one too... cha-cha-cha

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  1. Happy birthday! I'm soo sorry I missed your birthday by 28 minutes. Well, 22 if you count when I talked to you on MSN (still am). Anyways, I hope it went well.. although it doesn't sound like you had too much fun, lol.
    Well, School starts soon, so I'll see you soon! I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.. and I'll talk to you soon! =)