A Blog Update About The Updates to My Blog

Welcome once again to my quiet little corner of the web. There's not much going on to talk about, so most of my news actually involves some of the changes I've made to this blog.

A couple posts ago I mentioned that some family was visiting the area and one of them has a Deviant Art page. Well, they're heading home tomorrow. I did ask about a link to the deviant art page and am happy to say that she was more than happy to let me link to it. So please, check out Sombraro-o-doom's Deviant Art page, there's some really nice artwork there. I've added a link to the side bar, under "Other Sites to Check Out:"

I've made a few other changes too, though nothing drastic. The "Powered by Blogger" Icon has been moved up a few notches to be directly under the "Blog Archive", and I've added a web counter, it will count all the visits from today onwards, along with some other useful information. Thanks to StatCounter.com for there wonderful free services. Something really hard to notice is that I've changed the fonts on all the titles from Arial to Verdana.

My redesign for the robot is coming along nicely, I've been experimenting with some neat effects I'd like to use, and it seems that most of them will work. I hope to get the new version in place pretty soon.

Not much real news today, just pointing out the potentially obvious. ;)

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