My 3D Work, A Comparison

All this talk of the new Robot has got me all curious. I went back into the copy I keep of the old laptops hardrive, and found some of my old work from November/December 2003. It was on an older version of Rhino then the robot was made on, so it didn't have the benefit of the Flamingo renderer.

All of these images were made pretty close together. The Pot was finished on November 29, 2003, the Alien was done a couple hours later, and the Joystick was finished the next day. There's nothing too special about them, mostly just 3D primitives that have been scaled wierd and Booleaned. The Robot was made in August of 2004, but was rendered with Flamingo. That was made using primitives and a technique from the tutorials part of the Manual.

These Next pictures were made recently, in Blender. There a bit of an improvement from the older works.
That one on the left is some kind of massager, I guess. I modeled it first, and decided what it was later. Not usually the best way to do things. I'm hopping to really up the quality of the robot, but be warned, I'm heading away from photo-realism with it. I want to try for something that looks like a cartoon. I've always liked 3D images that try to look like 2D images. I just love the Irony of it. You put in so much extra time and effort to make a complex 3D model that looks like someone drew it in a matter of minutes. The real fun comes when you animate it though, that's were you save allot of effort, cause you don't have to draw it from a bunch of different angles. Of course, it takes 5 minutes to render one second of video... I guess there's pros and cons flying all over the place, I'll just stick with the 3D though, cause that's what I know.

I must go now to do work on the new robot. Until next time... man, that's getting old, I've ended four of the last five blogs that way. hmmm...

As you can tell, I like to make inanimate objects, which gets in the way of my goal of making an animation...


  1. Sweet Pictures dawg, so wheres moy house lol. No but really, how do i get my hands on that program?

  2. Thank you. That Lamp is from your house, I'm working on other things, but I haven't forgotten it. The first three pics were made in Rhino, which is a couple hundred bucks, but the last to were made in blender, there's a link to it under "Other Places" on the right.