One Step Forward, And That Same Step Back

Not much going on of late, again. I've been working on the robot as much as possible. Last night I designed a Torso for it, which I'm going to trash cause I don't really like it. This is why it's taking me so long. I want something that looks like I didn't throw it together. The torso had that look, most likely because I just threw it together. I'm also finding it hard to fit computer time in. My dad uses the computer for work - and I'm going to end this line of though right now, before I slip back into my old complaining ways. So the robot is coming, and since I haven't yet figured out a good way to end a post, I'll just stop.

No, seriously, I'm done.

"Hello, I'm Cyborg_572, and I'm a complainer. It's been 6 posts since I've last complained, but earlier today, I was really tempted..."

Why do they call it anonymous if you start by saying your name?

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