Water Skiing!

I went water skiing today. I haven't been water skiing since my dad's boat floated away a couple years ago. Kind of sucked, the boat floating away. We had been out water skiing all day, and we brought the boat up on the beach when we were done. It was an aluminum boat, I don't know the size. It had nice 24 hp off board motor, which was on it when it drifted off. Normally we put the anchor on the beach, just in case, but that night we forgot. If there had been a storm, we would have checked on it, but there wasn't. The water level just came up, and the boat drifted away. Last summer my dad thought he actually saw it on the back of a truck, of course he was about 6 hours away from here.

So the water skiing today was fun. I spent most of the time as a spotter though. But I still had fun hanging onto the jetski and trying not to fall off. I might be able to go again tomorrow, don't know if I have the energy or not though.

I also went tubing, but I don't wanna talk about that.

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