A New Hard Drive

If all goes well tomorrow, I'll be going shopping. For what? A new hard drive! I'm hoping I can find a decent one in my (low) price range. My dad's already agreed to let me install it in our computer. I can't wait. If all goes well, by the end of the weekend I'll have a full Linux installation on a decent computer. Until now I've been getting by with the version on the laptop (Damn Small Linux on a laptop with a 233mhz processor and 32mb of ram) and live CD's on the good computer. I'm planning on installing Fedora 7, as that's the distribution I'm currently obsessed with. I'm happy 'cause my computer actually supports all the Compiz desktop effects. Who knows, maybe the next time I post it will be from a full Fedora 7 installation!

Actually my GP2X is definitely a better Linux machine than the laptop. It has twice the RAM and about twice the processing power.

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