They're Finnaly Here!

That's right, it's the post you've all been waiting for. (and if it isn't then oh well, it's the post I've been waiting for) I finally have completed images of the new robot.

First up is my new pic. This is it. The new robot. He has a TV screen for a head. I have a few pics I can put in place of the one he has now, as you'll see later. The background is something I made for a game that I was trying to make, but hit major roadblocks on. I think that will probably be My next project. That red diamond is my logo, I guess. If anyone has seen that anywhere before, please let me know so I can come up with something different.

Next we have a side shot of the robot in that same pose: The cord in his torso actually flops around when he moves.

Next is a front view: I've changed the pose and also his face. He's showing off the ability to stretch his limbs out to about twice their size.

And finally, because I was bored I turned on the transparencies and reflections and turned off the outlines for a more realistic pic: So there you have it. The new Robo 2. Was it worth the wait? You can decide that for yourself.

WooHoo! I'm DONE! I never thought I'd see the day. Now onto my next major project! Or maybe not...

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