Ungh... Technical Dificulties

This morning I was talking to one of my friends, and we thought it might be fun to try our internet connections with a game of Animal Crossing: Wild World. Imagine my disappointment when my DS couldn't find the internet connection. I was puzzled cause I was sure I had typed in all the settings right. Just to be sure I booted up the Wii and ran it's connection tests, with the same results. Now, I'm absolutely positive that the settings on the Wii were right, cause I was using it online yesterday. I thought the problem might be a setting in the router, cause my dad and I were messing around in there trying to get some VoIP software working (but that's another story). I tried undoing every change we made, to no effect. I even tried restoring the factory default settings and setting the entire network up again from scratch. Still wouldn't work. The router has a problem once before where it stopped recognizing that the network cards could support 100mbps. I had to unplug it and let it cool of to get it working again. I though this might be a similar problem, so I unplugged it and let it cool off a few times while working on it. That didn't help. I started getting desperate, I even tried turning off the computer to see if somehow its new firewall was getting in the way. Nope. The only thing I can think of is that it did overheat, and cause permanent damage to the wireless. I hope there's something obvious I'm missing.

What? Where you expecting a nice little solution at the end?

P.S. If you have any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.

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