University Begins

I did it again. I went far to long without posting. What's happened in the meantime?

Well, I didn't have internet at the hotel the next night. It was a horrible little motel, by the way. Oh well, any port in a storm, as they say. The upshot was that the convenience store across the road sold Bawls, which I've always wanted to try. I bought a bottle, saved it for the car the next morning, drank it, enjoyed it, then promptly fell asleep for several hours. I kept the bottle around and it now decorates the desk in my dorm. More on that later.

I did manage to get a job this summer. At an auto shop. I should mention here that I have a strong dislike of auto shops. I figured I could put up with one part time, because I needed the money. I learned an important lesson from this. If the job interview ends with "You start tomorrow at 8am" then it would be a really good time to ask about the hours. I turns out I was wanted 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, with Sundays and Tuesdays off. I didn't ask, and found out the hard way. After a week or so of that, and of driving everyone insane with my complaining about it, I asked my boss for less hours, and he gave me Thursday's and Friday's off too. That was more bearable, but I'm still very glad to be rid of it. Hopefully the money I made there won't affect my OSAP at all.

That brings me to the next piece of news. I'm currently attending the university of Guelph for a bachelor of computing. I'm living in an East residence Suite with 7 other people, 3 other guys, and 4 girls. So far things are going really well. We just got cable hooked up as I'm writing this. Our Suite and this whole side of our floor has become a bit of a party central, although that has seemed to have died down a bit since classes started. I'm really liking Guelph, and I think I chose a good university. That about wraps it up for today. Until next time.

hey readers... wind your toy! - what an odd official dance for a university....

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