In the Works

Hello again. This has to be my first three-days-in-a-row posting in months. I'm starting to remember why I don't post more often, I don't do enough to have rambling-style posts about my day. Especially not when I'm posting in the middle of the day. I've decided, however, that the more I do it, the easier it will become. I also, as the title of this post suggests, have an Idea in the works. I just need to flesh out the details, see how feasible it is, and get some opinions from people in person before I throw it out there online, or out here online, or wherever online is relative to my blog. Around here maybe? Right here? Either way, the post explaining it will be on the front page of this blog. Most likely in video form. And that's all the hints your getting. If all goes well, I should be able to start seeing how feasible it is next week. I think I have most of the details worked out. Keep tuned, or RSSed (is that a word? (do I have RSS enabled? I should... if not now then soon))

In other news, the link for the store is in the sidebar. A Working Man's Journal is gone, as I have been informed by the author that he has no intention of adding to it at all. That's all for today. Until next time.

EDIT: I've added the suscribe to buttons to the sidebar, they're right underneath the other sites to check out

This teaser somewhat ties me in to following through, doesn't it? :P

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