I really need to start updating this on a regular basis, as way too much happens between posts. Last time I posted was, apparently, before prom, and now it's midway through August. A lot has definitely happened since then.
I completely missed posting about being with my girlfriend for 6 months, about how prom went (well. Loud, but well.), And about several other things.
For instance, I am currently writing this form the basement of the house of some relatives who live out in Alberta. The same cousins who came to visit me in last summer. (Remember Sombra?) I've been having a grand old time here. We went stampeding. There was a hilarious hypnotist there, so we watched his show, then hit the Midway for a bit. Lately I've taken a bit of a dislike to midways, because for the cost of enough tickets to ride 12 of their small, somewhat boring, nauseating rides, (that's about 72 tickets if you only go on the big rides) you can get a season pass at a real amusement park, with giant, fun rides. Think about that. As I'm typing this I just brought up the Paramount Canada's Wonderland season pass page. at 1$ a ticket, or 22 for 20$ or 55 for 50$, or all day for 45$ at the midway, you can see how it compares. But I'm complaining again. It really was a lot of fun. Especially the grandstand show. That was simply Amazing. Words can't do it justice. Lots of music, lots of lights, lots of explosions, and so much more. Although I don't think I've ever been that close to that many fireworks all going off at the same time. Wow.
It's getting late as I'm typing this. It's weird being in a different time zone. For everyone else I know, it's two hours later, so that means it's 3:00am back home. That makes it hard to find people online at what for me is a reasonable time. it either too early for me, or too late for them. But that will soon change. I'm leaving at 5:00am to start the 3 day car ride home. Or, at least, I hope it's only 3 days. It took us 3 days to get here. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, my brother and I, all stuffed into my grandma's van. That was less than wonderful. Especially since it seems that the people who designed my grandma's van assumed that other than the driver and passenger, who will be, of course, parents, all passengers are under 6 years old. The shoulders on the seats come up to about the base of my shoulder blades, the headrests slant forward at a very uncomfortable angle, then is no leg room (and I have need for leg room) and one of the things that bugs me the most, odd seatbelts. They don't do that thing that most seatbelts do to hold carseats and booster seats in place. You know the thing, where you pull the seatbelt out all the way, and it ratchets as it goes in, so that the child's seat will be held in place, but an adult can sit there just fine as long as they don't pull the belt completley from its roll. These seatbelts are different. They don't have that ratchet mechanism. Instead, once you buckle the seatbelt in, a little peice of plastic is pushed into place, which makes it so that the seatbelt can only get tighter, not looser. This is very uncomfortable if, like me, you feel the need to move around a lot. Which I always do, especialy on 12 hour drives.
It will be a little easier going home though, as my brother is staying here. Since there are so many jobs avaliable here, and none back home, he's going to stick around and find summer employment. It has crossed my mind to accept the invitation to do the same, but I have too much to go home to (Girlfriend, University, Etc.) so I'll have to try a bit harder to find employment. So that means the whole ride home I will have the entire cramped back seat of the van to myself. That will be nice. Or at least not as bad.x
I mentioned earlier that it took us 3 days to get here, and I hope it doesn't take longer than that to get back. "Why would it take longer?" you may ask, and the answer is simple; we'll be taking the scenic route home. That means that not only will we be taking a longer route, but we will be stopping constantly to look at things. Now, don't get me wrong, I like looking at nice views, but I don't like that at the expense of having to spend another night in a hotel room, another day in transit. If it's something out the window, fine. If the purpose of the trip was to go see it, fine. If it's a bunch of stuff on route from one place I want to be, to another place I want to be, over 3 days, in a car, going through places I don't want to be, then it bugs me.If I'm going home, then I want to go straight home, beeline. I don't like sitting still that long, and I don't like hotel rooms. I need a teleporter.
It's getting late, and my post is starting to break down into complaining. Perhaps I shall post tomorrow, from whatever hotel I end up in, perhaps not. We'll see. Until next time.

Parlez-Vous Yahoo!?

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  1. sounds like u need my parents (who drove through the night to get home from florida without stopping for sleep), or a tardis!