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Anyone who reads this blog regularly (yes, I know, there aren't any, but still...) may remember a post I made last April, called "Don't We Get a Say In All This?". The post was about wanting to take a survey. I went on and on about not getting any say in the school system that makes up a major part of our life for 14 years or so. On Friday, and I know this had nothing whatsoever to do with my post, but that's not the point, everyone at our school received a newsletter informing us about an online survey from the school board. This pretty much made my day.

I'm taking the survey right now as I write this. It's modular, just so you know. It's a nice survey. Completely anonymous, with a user name and password given by the school. It lets you skip answers you're not sure about (unless you accidentally answer it...), and leave and resume at any time. It's nice to see the school board finally taking an interest in the opinions of students. There are a lot of questions, which is a good thing. Some stuff could be worded a bit clearer though. Apparently, "School to College" programs are not things like presentations from the colleges ans universities about things like financial management... I think I may have messed up there. Oh well. So far it seems to be mainly about things like Co-Op and Apprenticeship programs and the like. Maybe as it goes on there will be some questions about "Mainland School" if you catch my drift. Now it's onto dual-credit courses... I know very little about any of these, cause I've never done one. I'm leaving lots of answers blank. And judging by the progress bar, I am now on the last module, which is: Server Error !?!? darn, that's not good.... Alright, so I hit back, and then clicked the link again and it worked, but that could be a problem... This last module is on learning about post-secondary options.

Oh, I was wrong, there is another module, "Experiences at School" This is the one I've been waiting for. Good, relevant questions about the school experience in general. I like that I can sign up for results.

Well, the survey is done. I'm sorry if most of the blog up until this point was a bit incoherent, I was just jotting down my thoughts as I took it. The survey probably could have been better, but it's a nice gesture either way. I really hope this kind of thing continues and improves as the years go on.

Server errors are not good things to have in surveys. No siree Bob.

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