Happy Halloween!

Well, It's Halloween once again. This year I managed to come up with a costume that I liked, my friends recognized, and that was easy to put together. Pajamas, plus house coat, (or dressing gown, or bath robe, or whatever you feel like calling it) plus towel equals: Arthur Dent. This Halloween I went as the main character from Hitchhikers. I didn't go out trick-or-treating this year, I might be getting a bit old for that. I would have handed out candy, but my road doesn't do trick-or-treating. All the candy is given out at a community Halloween party. That party was last week this year.
So I've tried theming my blog again. Probably should have done that a couple days ago. I'll leave the theme up for a while, just so it has a chance to run. If you're reading this on Facebook, you may want to check out the actual blog just to see. Right now it's just a themed pic, but when I'm done typing this I'll see what else I can do.
I managed to fix the problem with my computer constantly overheating (Broken fan fin catching on a grate) so I can actually use Blender once again. Now I can get to work making, um, stuff and whatnot... like Jack-o-Lantern display pics. That's it from me today. Until Next Time.

You know, technically, tomorrow's the holiday. Why do we celebrate "All Hallow's Eve", but not "All Hallow's Day" or whatever it's called?

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