Exam Time

Yeah, it's that time of the semester. Exams. That means no after school activities, or sports, or anything run by the school that doesn't take place in a classroom, during normal school hours. Not that that bothers me too much, I don't participate in any of those. It's more the "why" that has me writing this. All those things are canceled to give students time to study. I guess the school feels students should study 24/7. Every class gives you all period, every period, for studying, and then you're supposed to go home and study so much that you have to cancel your once-a-week, one-and-a-half-hour trip to the weight room (not that I do that, but my workout habits are not the point here). I'm no expert, but there has to be some downside to studying that much. If you ask me that much studying is a good way to get stressed and tired, and no matter how much you study, if your stressed or tired (let alone both) your not going to do well. But like I said, I'm no expert, to each their own.

Relax, all this test means is whether you have to do the year over again or not. No pressure.


  1. aw someone needs a hug *hugs*

  2. Yeah I find exams tire you out, and or over stress your, especialy english. Theres like an essy responce and a book repot on one I havent read yet. but what there supost to be doing is "preparing your for university". my comeback is always well im no going there. I take U level coraces to changle myself cuz Id be pulling 95%s in applied. but even as much sterss and lost sleep exams cause, if you space out what you need its not that bad. Personaly I spend less time perparing for the exams and more preparing for what Im going while Im still stuck in town.