Long Weekend

This weekend, I'm getting a rather good impression of the old saying; "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." My girlfriend, along with most of our mutual friends, have set off on the annual school band trip. They left last night. I'm having a hard time believing they've only been gone for a day. Even though last weekend had 3 days, I have a feeling this will be the real long weekend. They'll all be back on Sunday. I hope they're having a ton of fun. I should really look at this with a more positive spin. My girlfriend is off having a blast in Disney with her friends, and I've got a weekend completely free of distraction. Maybe I'll be able to start some kind of project, although I'm not sure what kind at the moment. The website I was working on has teetered off for the moment, as my dad hasn't had time to further the business plan upon which the whole site will be based. I do have an updated version of it that needs and upload though. I also felt inspired enough to do a fairly run-down looking version of my logo. I really like how it turned out.

I got a new camera today, a Jazz DV179. I got a really good deal on it, and am happy with it so far. I just wish I could get its webcam mode working in Linux. I did manage to get a ridiculous picture of my brother. I guess he didn't know that when someone points a camera at you, you shouldn't make a face you wouldn't want them to take a picture of, because they can and will.

Next week, I get to drop my history class, move my spare to third, and get a first period Communications Technology class. I'm pretty happy about that. I've been spending my spare in that class anyway, and never wanted history in the first place. I just wish I would have found out that Communications and Animation are no longer the same credit earlier in the semester, as this would have been much easier.

It seems I've become a bit of a tech support person since march break. I volunteered teaching seniors computers for that week, and am doing it again this week. I got my picture in the paper, and another lady looked me up in the phone book and asked me to come help her. I also found myself at my brother's friend's house helping his mother with a problem. It's amazing how well people insist on paying you for this kind of service. I have never once stated a price, or asked for payment, I've even said, "no, really, that's a bit much" a few times. Despite this, the going price for my services seems to be ten dollars an hour. I am in need of a job, maybe I should send out fliers...

Well, this post has exploded a bit from what I originally meant to put here, and I should probably be getting to bed. Until next time...

Maybe now would be a good time for that "CSS attack" on my blog that I've been planning...


  1. Hi ... To enable the web cam feature, 1. load proper drivers! (VERY IMPORTANT) 2: on the back off the unit there is a record/play button, when you first plug in cam it goes to mem or card. the light on back should be red. slect the record/play button once and the light should be green it is now in web mode. Remember to load proper drivers first! That's It... Good Luck

  2. Thank you DoLittle. However, I do know how to put the camera int webcam mode. The key problem is, as you said, making sure the correct drivers are loaded. I mentioned it in passing during the post, but the computer I was trying to get it working on runs Linux, and I haven't a clue where to find Linux drivers for the camera. I have had it working just fine on my new laptop running Vista. If you did notice the Linux bit, and know where to find the drivers, then it would be much appreciated if you felt like sharing. Either way, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, so few people do.